Pre-Assessment: Towards Assessment and Evaluation


  • To lead the way those who are at the beginning of their careers, as a mentor.
  • To introduce the criteria which the participants will be evaluated in the competency based assessment at the beginning of their career.


  • Designed for inexperienced and less experienced participants and contains basic competencies. After the assessment exercise performed together with the assessor, feedback will be given to the participants in order to create awareness.

Assessor Training Course


  • To train the participants who devote themselves in this field for specialisation and performing trainings in order to establish internal assessors.


  • A competency-based process which is created through awareness
  • Assessment (assessment and evaluation) is included within the steps of the procedure.
  • For a certain period of time, participants will be monitored while they’re working as an assistant assessor. Progress of the participants will be maintained by on the job guidance of our assessors.

Assessment-Evaluation and Development


  • To observe and reveal the competencies of the participants, objectively and by using accurate tools and competent assessors, during all stages of their career;
  • To provide the reflection of individual and institutional expectations in order to support their career development


  • Together with our stakeholders to determine and draw out the true need of our journey.
  • To create tools for the right competencies.
  • To study the competency matrix in a detailed matter in order for the competencies to be truly measured


  • Our difference is to use specific scenarios, which had been created and written down by our team of writers in accordance with your competencies, instead of using tools from foreign sources.
  • All the tools are taken and drafted following your approval.

Steps of Training

  • Group Exercise: The performance of participants are observed within their groups by the assessors according to a scenario up to 5-6 competencies.
  • Case Study: Participants are expected to resolve an event which contain several parameters. The competencies chosen for this study are observed by a different assessor.
  • Role Playing Exercise: How the participant will be able to solve a problem together with his/her partner. These competencies will be observed by a different assessor.
  • Competency Interview: The participant is observed with one on one interview by an assessor in which they merge a real life situation with their competencies.
  • Reporting: As a result, it is essential that the observations obtained are reported and written down before being collected by experienced assessors with common opinions on the matters and that they work for the next steps to be integrated. The integration reports are shared by our Assessors, HR Managers and Project Leadership Assessor.
  • Feedback: Sharing the results of each assessment by face-to-face interviews at the end is our main principal. We prefer to give feedback on their strong sides, their areas of improvement and to give advice on what could be done to go on the right path.

Steps of Improvement

We always use a tracking system in order to follow the full progress within the reports. We occasionally make conversations with the participants for encouraging them to embrace these works and maintaining their improvement.