Basic Financial Training

  • Financial Mathematics

  • Bird’s Eye View of Banking

  • Funding Cost and Pricing in Banking

  • Aseet-Liability Management

  • Sale of Cash Management Products

  • Efficient Branch Management

Credit Based Training

  • Financial Analysis

  • Understanding Financials of Firms in Developing Countries

  • Credit Risk Management

  • Structuring of Credit Portfolio

  • Project Finances

  • Early Warning Signals and Problem Loan Management

Law Based Training

  • Basic Law

  • Law of Banking

  • Law of Obligations

  • Negotiable Instruments of Law

  • Business Law

  • Contract Law

Capital Market and Risk Management Based Training

  • Money, FX and Capital Markets

  • Treasury and Treasury Products

  • Portfolio Management

  • Taxation of Securities

  • Financial Risk Management and Basel II-III

International Trade Based Training

  • Payment Methods in International Trade

  • Finance of International Trade

  • Marketing of International Trade Products

  • FX Credits (Documentary/Non-Documentary)

Financial Training for Companies

  • Finance For Non-Finance Managers

  • Risk Management

  • Budgeting

Accounting Based Training 

  • Basic Accounting

  • Bank Accounting