With this training, participants will have the behavioural and managerial competencies that are necessary to achieve the desired business results. In order to apply what has been learned to real life and to be able to have a permanent change in behaviour, participants training is enriched with, intense individual and team activities, field work, coaching interviews development programs and so on.

Leadership and Personal Development Based Training

  • Leader’s Way: First Step, I’m the Leader of Myself
  • Leader’s Way: Coach Leader
  • Leader’s Way: Last Stop
  • Big Game: Communication
  • Efficient Time Management: Process of planning how to allocate your time between different activities
  • Negotiation  Skills: To identify problems, to create solutions and to take necessary actions
  • Effective Team Management: How to embrace differences, to support development, to make change management
  • Conflict Management: Reasons for conflict, interpersonal mediation and team mediation
  • Working with Multicultural Teams: Global mindset, awareness of cultural differences for effective communication
  • Management with Emotional Intelligence: Self awareness, self management, social awareness and social management in leadership
  • Stress Management and Resilience: Difference in stress and pressure, managing stress with awareness, developing resiliency
  • New Generation Performance Management: Continuous management of performance while having fun, fostering motivation and contributing to company targets
  • Impactful Presentations: Design, performance, audience management and managing stage stress