Digital Services

It is our priority to use the power, flexibility and efficiency-enhancing aspect of digital technology in each of our focus areas we serve. In today’s world where the efficiency of classroom trainings is questioned, we produce digital solutions to effectively implement monitoring, measurement and evaluation steps as a requirement of our hybrid training service approach. At this point, not only the use of technology; We also use digital tools for training needs assessment, training design, content production and delivery.

With our mobile application it is possible to do;.

  • Learning
  • Filling in knowledge gaps
  • Reinforcement
  • Improving retention
  • Evaluation


Detailed solutions and / or explanations are available with answers to each question. In this way, the level of learning and reinforcement increases.


More than one repetition of questions and exams ensures retention.


You can get your valuations not only as the main subject of the exams but also on the basis of sub-topics. So you can analyze on which subjects are strong and on which subjects you need to develop.

Micro Learning

It is the teaching of a subject in hybrid modules with small parts but with a flow that will lead to the whole.

In the micro-learning platform developed by Tim, the participants follow the lesson in an environment that suits them, at the speed and number of repetitions they want, by accessing them from their mobile phones or computers. The course is covered with components such as subject expert videos, reading materials, external bibliography, Q&A, podcasts, youtube videos, and end-of-chapter quizzes.