Computer Based Simulation Trainings

In line with the “learning by doing” principle of androgogy, our computer based simulations are now avaible on the web and tablet

Credit Management Simulation

Participants experience the loan process, limit allocation, collateral and pricing, monitoring and managing the loan portfolio, and when necessary, by applying the recall of loans with a proactive approach. They make their decisions under a full competition environment.

Investment Products and Risk Management Simulation

Participants will be able to accurately perceive changing financial market conditions and analyze their effects on investment instruments. In addition, understanding how the assets in customer portfolios will be affected by financial developments, and considering the profitability of both the bank and the customer, the ability to sell investment products more effectively and quickly will develop.

Derivative Transactions Simulation in Credit Management

How to use derivative products in credit transactions and with which products the healthiest risk management can be done will be explained to the participants. Scenarios on how we can market the products for the customer’s needs will be discussed with computer based simulation

VIOP Simulation

Participants will learn the fund management concepts, the asset and liability management principals, will recognize global and domestic financial markets by managing a virtual portfolio.

Bank Branch Financial Statements Simulation

It is a simulation game where participants will experience the effects of their decisions on the financials, liquidity, profitability and branch score with the hat of the branch manager, sometimes the regional manager and sometimes the ALCO president.

International Trade Products Simulation

Participants will learn the delivery and payment methods, as well as have the opportunity to evaluate the transactions in terms of advantages, disadvantages and risks, while analyzing real-life cases simulated in computer environment. In addition, they will have the opportunity to analyze customer needs and suggest the right solution.